Oscar D Rivera

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Director, Nickolas Duarte – Crown Chimp Productions

“The best thing about Oscar is his heart. He has a bigger heart than any filmmaker I’ve met. This translates to the prep work he does to his tenacity on set and finally to the final images on screen. In an industry of egos, Oscar is humble and willing to work hard to see the […]

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Director, Mark Lewis – True Believer Productions

“Oscar is a valuable asset on any project. He has a tremendous working knowledge of lights and their manipulation for the aesthetic. His eye for visuals is complimented by his willingness, coupled with eagerness, to understand the material and the vision the director has set forth. He then does what he can to augment, while […]

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Director, Michael Chad Ward – Teoward Productions

“As both an artist and a technician, Oscar is the complete package.  I was completely blown away by the level of craftsmanship Oscar puts into each and every frame.  I would happily make the journey with him by my side any time.” – Michael Chad Ward, director of “Strange Blood” at Teoward Productions

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Director, Antonio Villagomez – Uphill Pictures

“We have worked with Oscar on multiple projects in the past.  He has been a cameraman and /or Director of Photography for some of our narrative and commercial projects.  He has always done a great job. His lighting skills are second to none and his work ethic is even more impressive. Oscar is reliable, professional […]

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Producer, David Neff – Awkward Silent Productions

“I think Oscar’s great talent as a cinematographer speaks for itself. The thing that sets working with him apart from the rest is his ability to understand and communicate not just what’s on the screen, but also the subtext behind it.” – David Neff, producer at Awkward Silent Productions.

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